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Platelet refractoriness can be life threatening for thrombocytopenic patients. Narrowing the differential diagnosis for poor platelet transfusion response is critical to guide appropriate management and product selection. This can be accomplished by reviewing clinical history, physical examination, and laboratory findings to distinguish between nonimmune and immune/antibody mediated causes. This activity will help pathologists recognize platelet refractoriness and evaluate its cause to better help thrombocytopenic patients.

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Designed for the busy practicing pathologist, the CAP’s Clinical Pathology Improvement Program (CPIP) offers online CME courses in topics like Chemistry, Coagulation, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular, Toxicology, Transfusion Medicine/Bloodbanking, and Laboratory Management. Authored by pathologists who are experts in their specialties, the CPIP courses offer pathologists CME credits while providing opportunities to learn more about specialized topics and to keep abreast of current scientific knowledge.

CPIP courses are practical and easily applied to your work. The interactive case-based approach builds as you move through the materials, unveiling additional information – just like in the real world. Because CPIP is an online program, the courses listed below are available when and where the learner is ready.

Consider CPIPs if you are a:

  • Pathologist with clinical and/or laboratory management responsibilities

  • Pathologist seeking CME or MOC credits in clinical pathology

  • Subspecialty clinical pathologist who needs to keep current

  • Pathology resident preparing for boards in clinical pathology

Whether choosing to purchase individual cases, released monthly, or selecting an annual subscription, each CPIP case will help you to gain the knowledge you need to stay at the forefront of diagnosing illnesses.

CPIP addresses many topic areas. Choose from available current courses below.



Technical Fundamentals of Blood Gases

Challenges in blood gas testing.

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Removal of Race from Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) Equations

Eliminating race in eGFR equations.

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Carbon Monoxide Management

Carbon monoxide poisoning

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Growth Hormone Axis Testing: Clinical Applications and Challenges

Interpret results of GH assays.

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Islet Autoantibodies for predicting Type 1 Diabetes

Use islet autoantibodies to predict type 1 diabetes.

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Prolonged Prothrombin Time (PT) with Prolonged Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT)

Learn the impact of preanalytic variables on PT and aPTT.

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The CAP offers several other resources related to topics of clinical pathology and laboratory management.


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